SOFiSTiK Seminar 2018

How new design methods lead to a different description

In modelling of bridges for analyses or for construc­tion, the quick development of the tools is changing the practices and workflows continuously.

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Automated Design Work of Precast Concrete Girder Viaducts

Read about the process to automate an AutoDesk Revit model for prefabricated viaducts.

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Parametric Design of Shell Elements

Read about a complete workflow for parametric design of shell structures. used key elements are modules for geometric modelling, load application, post-processing of SOFiSTiK and external programs.

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Complex Design of Timber Structures

This article covers the analysis of the wood-steel accessible roof structure of the air pavilion and particularly the presentation of the assumptions adopted for the roof design.

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Integration of Building Calculation Modelling & Building Information Modelling

SOFiSTiK is a convenient solution for BIM, which makes it possible to use data directly & efficiently from Autodesk® Revit® at the stage of design calculation and geotechnical analysis.

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