SOFiSTiK Getting Started Guide

SOFiSTiK FEA – Software for analysis, design and detailing of building and infrastructure projects worldwide.
Having this powerful and amazing piece of FEA software in your hands opens a huge range of capabilities and application to support you in your daily challenges as well as in extraordinary projects. But as for every finite element software – getting up and running takes time. On this page you’ll find a link-collection of references to get started.


Read about features and workflows in the blog area. If you are after something specific, pick the TOPIC or enter your search term below.

Online Courses

For an even better experience in learning SOFiSTiK FEA, check out the available online courses and tutorials. 

Beginner Videos

To get familiar with the standard workflow of SOFiSTiK, the following videos are recommended. You will find them also within the SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop Application.

Online Tutorials

The primary objective of the online tutorials is to explain workflows of different types of structures such as bridge design, building design, steel design, geotechnics, dynamics and fire design. All tutorials are intended to support new users to SOFiSTiK to become familiar with the recommended workflows.

Program Modules

After doing the first steps using SOFiSTiK FEA – you will undoubtedly come to the point of asking yourself about the meaning of the processed modules. Read the Overview of Relevant Modules post to get a rough idea.


Watch free webinars.

User Manuals

For each module, there is a user manual available. All manuals come with the SOFiSTiK installation and can be easily accessed through the Help menu in SOFSTiK Structural Desktop 2020.

Help - User Manual

Verification Manuals

The primary objective of the verification manuals is to verify the capabilities of SOFiSTiK by means of nontrivial problems which are bound to reference solutions. Currently, two manuals are available, Design Code Benchmarks and Mechanical Benchmarks. Both come with the SOFiSTiK installation and can be accessed through the Help menu in SOFSTiK Structural Desktop.


The Infoportal is a library for documents, SOFinars, Examples, Tutorials, Papers, and lots more helpful information. By using the provided search function, certain content can be found simple.

Online Forum

The online forum allows to discuss topics and ask for support from other SOFiSTiK users worldwide.

Online Administration Manual

The setup of the software as a standalone or floating license needs knowledge about the licensing system. This information is available in the administration manual.

Technical Support and Customer Service

SOFiSTiK provides its users with an excellent and high-level technical support service. So you are in good hands when raising any detailed questions. Furthermore, the team offers specialist finite element and project consultancy services to all branches of the structural and civil engineering industry.

SOFiSTiK Website

Check also the official SOFiSTiK website for further information about SOFiSTiK FEA as well as the CAD and BIM products.

And Finally

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