Why guidoaltersberger.com?

Why guidoaltersberger

The cornerstone was laid while a simple question popped up during an introductory training course – “Guido, do you have a getting started guide for our structural engineers?”. After sending the guide the idea of providing information about SOFiSTiK online was born, and so was www.guidoaltersberger.com.

Who am I?

As the youngest of four children, I grew-up in a gorgeous landscape in the province of Carinthia, the southernmost state of Austria. As beautiful and exciting as it was to grow up on a farm, I had a desire to explore more than the woods and fields nearby. Finally, I began to study structural and civil engineering and moved to the medium-size and cosy provincial capital of Styria, Graz. It was undoubtedly the most significant time of my life. I met my wife, became a father three times, finished my studies and started working as a bridge engineer.

Life is a circle of changes.

After four years as a bridge engineer, I started working for SOFiSTiK. One year later, I received the offer to setup and run a subsidiary in the UK. Taking this step, leaving family, schoolmates, friends and a familiar environment was something new for my family and me. So we tried to prepare our kids and ourselves as best as we could for the upcoming adventure. But one can never be prepared for every eventuality.

Since August 2016 we have been living in the county of Surrey. And it’s exciting to establish and run a subsidiary as well. There certainly were and still are ups and downs, but we do not regret having taken this step at all. It is a great experience for us and positive in many ways.

This website is also a platform to share my experiences, personal and vocational, during this exciting time.

Guido Altersberger

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